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Audrey Leigh gets dominated by The Pope

Audrey Leigh gets dominated by The Pope

The Pope rudely greets Audrey Leigh by pinching her nipples and fingering her pussy. Audrey is then subjected to a flogging across her sexy, naked body. And now that The Pope has worked her into a higher state of sensitivity, Audrey’s nipples and pussy lips are tightly clamped. With her flesh throbbing underneath the grip of the cold, steel clamps, The Pope smashes the G5 against her cunt. Audrey then gives into submission as she cums for The Pope…

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The Training of Bobbi Starr, Day Three

Training Bobbi Starr to Fuck (Training Report)

Progress Review: The previous two days of training show that our trainee is timely and concise in her homework assignments, delivering good recitations while under the whip. She seems willing to push beyond her perceived limits and exhibits courage and a sincere determination to satisfy.

Goals Progress:

  • Pussy stretching: Beginning to accommodate large objects, producing very real and vocal orgasms with the help of the magic wand;
  • Verbal skills: Dirty talk is proving very challenging for our trainee. Stiffer motivation is required;
  • Claustrophobia: Progress is tenuous. The previous day’s canvas sack proved very challenging and the cock sucking was cut short. Trainee requires more work in a hood;
  • Pain processing: Improved along with increased ability to eroticize the training experience.

The Training of Bobbi Starr Day Three

Recommendations: Predicament bondage on the vibrating bamboo pony. Blindfold her, gag her and gang up on her with Mr. Stone, flogging her as her pussy is vibrated and grill her on past homework assignments. Work to instill the cornerstones of erotic servitude.

Switch to a tight suspension tie and turn Evan Stone loose to fuck her silly. Apply a generous whipping to illicit filthy talk from her, make her beg for it. In a second suspension, present both her mouth and pussy. Blindfold and fuck her mercilessly at both ends, continually switching ends to overwhelm her cock. Leaving her hanging in ropes and covered with come till she is ready to accept her reward – a well stretched pussy and screaming orgasms that leave her happily well used.

Hood training: continue working on her irrational fear of hoods with 2 minutes in a leather hood. Be prepared for a challenging scene.

Bobbi Starr in Slave Training (Part 3)

Gianna is dominated and fucked

Gianna is dominated and fucked

Sexy Gianna has a dark, silky body, a perfect ass and a beautiful set of tits. We first witness her naked on the bed, her mouth gagged and her hands cuffed overhead. Her hulking Master enters the cell and spanks her succulent ass before he throws her on her back and buries his shaft in her face. Spreading his slave’s legs wide open Christian then buries the magic wand against Gianna’s moist clit and keeps it there until his slave erupts in a huge orgasm.

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Gorgeous Daisy Marie is pushed to her limits of endurance

Gorgeous Daisy Marie is pushed to her limits of endurance

Gagged and tied, lovely little Daisy Marie squirms and squeals on the dirty floor when she is rudely greeted by The Pope. Her screams start to reach an ear shattering proportion when The Pope squeezes her ultra sensitive tits and throws her over his shoulder for a good spanking. Next, The Pope ties Daisy’s hands to the rafters and gets busy fingering her cunt while he peppers her ass red with open handed swats. The magic wand is introduced to Daisy’s cunt and we watch as she screams and begs in the Dungeon and explodes in orgasm.

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Master Cummings has defiant Cassidy on her knees

Master Cummings has defiant Cassidy on her knees

After his initial inspection, Master Cummings has defiant Cassidy on her knees so that he may collar and leash her. Leading her around the Dungeon, TJ has his slave squat and bend on the dirty floor before he takes the riding crop to her ebony skinned body. Next, Cassidy has her gag removed and her vacant mouth is filled with cock. Then, Master Cummings takes his slave from behind and viciously fucks her pussy…

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The Training of Bobbi Starr, Day Two

Slave Training Bobbi Star (Training Report)

Progress Review: Day one revealed the trainee’s pain processing is weak, but reactions are very nice and strong. She is willing to follow when led, and gives hints of a deeper masochism struggling to get out. Cock sucking and fucking skills are good, and the trainee possesses an innate sex appeal and beauty that could prove irresistible if tempered and properly presented. Training has confirmed a deep fear of hoods that sends the subject into a nearly unresponsive, panic state. Due to the reality of not knowing what will happen next, the trainee is having difficulty eroticizing some aspects of training. Recommend providing just enough information beforehand to increase her receptiveness.

Training Goals:

  • Take large objects in pussy;
  • Improve verbal skills – talking dirty;
  • Prepare her for rope bondage suspensions;
  • Improve anxiety associated with small spaces;
  • Provide opportunity to experience light submission;
  • Provide instruction on processing pain.

The Training of Bobbi Starr Day Two

Recommendations: Tie her into tight predicament bondage that puts her on her toes and gives her two choices: a steel hook pulling her ass open or biting clamps tearing at her nipples. Whip her while reviewing her homework, the principal obedience, and instill this cornerstone of erotic servitude. Work on her fear of hoods by enclosing her full in a canvas sack and suspending her from the ankles. Generously apply the single tail whip and other painful implements, forcing her to rely on pain processing techniques. Offer relief by stuffing a hard cock in her mouth and ordering her to suck till she is convincing in her desire to get down. Tie her to the training table to stretch her pussy with large objects, and command her to vibrate her clit well past orgasm while being whipped. Plug her pussy and send her to her quarters in a locked chastity belt to complete her video journal and assignments.

Extra Studies: Read an essay on the principal of transparency. Send her to quarters with a rubber fist to practice stretching her cunt.

Bobbi Starr in Slave Training (Part 2)

Tied, bound and gagged, Mina Meow is dominated by The Pope in the dark room

Mina Meow becomes a submissive slave

Tied, bound and gagged, Mina is led by The Pope into the dark room. She screams as she is hoisted over her Master’s shoulder and receives her spanking. Her mouth drools as she is fingered by The Pope and then, she is brought to the floor. As her punishment continues, her glowing pale skin is flogged and her twisted Master then brings her to a series of piss sopping orgasms. His naughty little slave is now taught a lesson as she is forced to lick her own piss off the filthy floor…

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Jordan is gagged and tied in the Dungeon

Jordan is gagged and tied in the Dungeon

Jordan is a tall leggy blonde with a great body and she looks very nice as we witness her bent, gagged and tied in the Dungeon. When Otto greets his slave, he inspects her supple tits and moist pussy and then, he gets down to business by working her ass over with some bare handed slaps. Moaning in pleasure, Jordan then has her cunt filled to the brim with Otto’s cock as he mounts his slave from behind. Master Otto then takes the magic wand and smashes it against Jordan’s sopping pussy until she quivers and shakes and orgasms frantically…

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Cassandra Cruz is roped to the cross by The Pope

Cassandra Cruz is tied with ropes to the cross by The Pope

Gorgeous yet, relatively inexperienced in bondage, the vivacious Cassandra Cruz is roped to the cross by The Pope. She drools uncontrollably from behind her ball gag as her Master gropes her smooth and supple skin. The sound of flesh meeting flesh echo throughout the dark room as her skin is warmed by The Pope’s slaps. The magic wand is her Master’s tool of choice as it is pressed against her lucious cunt. Cassandra grinds her pelvis to meet her Master’s hand until she can no longer contain herself and climaxes…

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The Training of Bobbi Starr, Day One

Bobbi Starr in Slave Training

Age: 24
Sign: Aries
Height: 5’8”

Fears / Current Limits: Applicant is uncomfortable with hoods, small spaces. Harbors some anxiety towards shooting in unknown circumstances but willing to move forward.

Strengths: Enjoys canes. Loves her pussy and ass stretched. Open-minded, turned on by anonymous sex, inter-racial sex. Claims to be a very good cock sucker. She is intelligent, well read, and talented in areas other than sex and BDSM.

Weaknesses: Poor verbal skills, very inexperienced with BDSM, poor understanding of Master / slave power exchange.

Experience: First BDSM scene on Waterbondage, Feb. 2006. One previous boy/girl scene. Very limited BDSM experience.

Current Status: Unowned novice.

The Training of Bobbi Starr Day One

Initial Observations: Applicant maintains good eye contact and appears attentive and engaging. Good candidate for the test shoot – she is new, relatively inexperienced, and sexually adventurous. Considers herself a feminist, and claims to be very controlling in her personal life. Applicant indicates she is eager to understand how someone allows themselves to be called a slave.

Recommendations: Test her reactions to pain with intense predicament bondage, cane and flogger. Test and begin to improve verbal skills by tying her up, stuffing her mouth with hard cock and electrocuting her pussy, only offering relief when she delivers dirty talk. Cover her with come, then hose her down and scrub her with harsh brushes before plugging her ass and pussy and locking them in with a chastity belt. Send her across town to her quarters for the key. Invade the applicant’s quarters unannounced in the middle of the night. Tie her up and fuck her mercilessly while probing for new weaknesses and strengths. Leave her fully used and covered in come and rope marks with a 9 am call time.

Extra Studies: Reading assignment on the principal of obedience.

Bobbi Starr in Slave Training (Part 1)