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First bondage suspension vibrator

First bondage suspension vibrator

For this cutie, I decided for her first bondage experience I wanted to suspend her. But first, Binx is interviewed and told to cuff and gag herself. Then she is tied in a very difficult 3-point suspension. I don’t give beginners any slack. If they’re ready to try real bondage, they come to me. Binx dissapoints me and can’t hold it for long, so I give her another position: Eifel tower. She is forced to cum with the vibrator on high with clothespins on her breasts and she is zapped. Then her elbows are tied up and she is fucked with my strapon. Great interview and some hidden camera behind the scenes on the members area of Bondage Orgasms.

Tied wide and fucked hard

A fresh face appears on the site this week in Tanya James. Not only is Tanya a striking beauty but, she’s also a glutton for punishment. Eager to please, she is put on display for Master Derrick and he enjoys what he sees. Sexy Tanya is put through her paces as she is gagged, bound and roughly fucked in a variety of positions. She serves her Master well by greedily sucking cock to perfection while she cums on command. Begging for more, Tanya gets all that she wants when a massive load is dropped on her beautiful face.

Tied wide and fucked hard Tied wide and fucked hard Tied wide and fucked hard

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Two girls on one with dildos

Natali is having a liaison with her boss during the office New Years Party, but an employee (Loren Chance) happens to find out. Word can’t get out, so they grab her and come up with a plan. Natali bends Loren over the desk, ties her up while Darling makes Loren go down on her. Loren is hogtied, and Natali gets a big dildo and face fucks Loren and makes her lick her pussy. After the dildo is good and wet, Natali fucks her with it while Darling face fucks her at the same time. Things are looking really bad for Loren, or good depending on how you look at it! Natali then ties up Darling and goes about torturing her for not really loving her. Loren talks her into untying her so they can torture her together but in a deceitful turn, Loren grabs Natali and ties her up along with Darling where she proceeds to put rat traps on their tender pussies and crops their breasts, thighs and clits. She forces both of them to have an orgasm and leaves them there for the whole office to find.

Natali Demore and Bondage Orgasms presents Loren and Darling and Natali Natali Demore and Bondage Orgasms presents Loren and Darling and Natali Natali Demore and Bondage Orgasms presents Loren and Darling and Natali

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Nika Noire is bound in the Dungeon

Beautiful little Nika Noire is stripped naked and bound in the Dungeon. The Pope upon his entry, begins his barrage of groping and flogging her sexy body as her screams echo loudly off the Dungeon walls. As her body drips sweat, The Pope stuffs her cunt with a glass dildo then forces her to cum with the G5… Now bound and spread on the ground, Nika struggles and gasps as her Master flogs her pussy. Her gasps increase in intensity when her pussy lips are clamped and her Master brandishes his glass dildo once again…

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Intense Therapy for Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie and Christian seem to be having some control issues in their relationship, and their therapist recommends a visit to the Dungeon. After Phoenix strips down revealing her amazing body, Christian seizes the opportunity and takes control of the situation putting Phoenix in her place as she is gagged and bound submitting to her Master’s every whim. By the end of the couple’s therapy session, there is no longer any doubt as to who is the dominant force in this relationship…

Intense Therapy for Phoenix Marie Intense Therapy for Phoenix Marie Intense Therapy for Phoenix Marie

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The Most Basic Rope Bondage Knots

The larks head: This is not really a knot, but it is very useful as a base for other bindings.
How to make the larks head: Double up the rope and pass both of its ends inside the loop so formed.

The reef (or square) knot: This is the most commonly used knot. Not used for tying somebody directly, but for fastening other bindings.
How to make the reef (or square) knot:
Twist one rope over the other and then twist back, forming two interlaced loops;
This, as most knots, works because the rope passes twice by the same loop in opposite directions, and both segments are pressed one against the other when the loop tightens;
So, note the rope that leaves the lower twist on the upper side enters the upper twist also over the other rope;
Tighten by pulling by the loose ends (as already stated before);

Be careful not to finish just with two twisted ropes (by entering the upper twist under the other rope), not a knot, which is sometimes called “granny’s knot”.

I will post some pictures of those knots so it will be easier to understand how to make them!

Nurse forced orgasm electric play

Kendra is the new nurse and Natali gives her a few tips for getting her patients more comfortable. Give them sedatives, orgasms or tie them up instructs Natali. For example… she grabs Kendra, ties her up and runs a pinwheel on her ass while vibing her love button. But Natali leaves the room and comes back to a pissed off and escaped Nurse Kendra. Giving her a taste of her own medicine, she makes Natali strip and tie herself up. Then Kendra gags her with the Jennings gag and plays with some electricity to get Natali’s juices going! Interview and Behind the Scenes video included only at: Bondage Orgasms.

kendra and natali Nurse forced orgasm electric play

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