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Slave Hellizabeth bound and gagged by her master in her bedroom then punished

A buxom girl is tied to gym equipment and gets a nipple flogging and clamping

In some cases a sport gym seems to be an ideal place for a hardcore BDSM action. Especially when a slave is a lovely chick, who needs to keep fit for better figure and her master is eager to aid her with some additional motivation. He works by easy stages but thoroughly, readying his slave for more and more weird and painful experiments. And his subject of humiliation, being an ordinary girl, may be just a somewhat more curious than others, steadily opens in herself the new edges of torment merged with joy, subduing her will and body to the knowing hands of her master, masterly working with the whip.

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Sexy buzz

As I approached her, I could feel the smell of fear mixing with the sex scent. She was afraid, yet she was thrilled and yearned for pleasure. She was at my feet, and I went down on her, exploring her body with a buzzing electric toy. She gasped as the toy reached her crotch, and then the real thing began…

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A babe is chained to the wall and titty whipped as her mistress caresses her boobs

What do masters and mistresses adore most of all? To subdue. How do they usually do it? They mix skilfully pain and pleasure, suppressing the will of their unhappy slaves, and transforming them into submissive toys in their masters’ hands. This episode is no exception: a beautiful female slave comes to hands of a strict lady, who guides her rigidly to the state of total docility. What can satisfy a woman more than to restrain another woman by the wall and fix hard pins on her ripe nipples? Only whipping those boobs and pinched nipples hard, sending the victim to the hell of agony, and then fondling her gently, bringing to heaven, being more than God in her eyes.

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Eris talks on the phone while her chained slave licks the bottom of her shoe

From Every Day Slaves

Spring Time Whipping

Mistress Jean is in the mood for single tail whipping. She has her slave restrained to a cross out doors. With the sun shining and a slave at her whim, nothing pleases Mistress Jean more on a beautiful spring day. She lays into the slave with deep lashes from her whip. The slave whimpers and moans. This annoys Jean and she beats the slave even harder. The slave cries for mercy. He has not been beaten all winter. This is even more reason for Jean to give this bitch a severe whipping. He needs spring training. Jean laughs at his pleas to be released from the whipping. She picks up his balls and says, “Don’t you know that ball torture is next?” Then she cuts into the trembling slave with more vicious lashes, smiling all the while.

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An Asian babe is a slave in training as her mistress teaches her and binds her

If there’s one way to make a disobedient slave in training understand that she’s beneath her master, it’s by putting a leash on her, putting her hands in paw-like gloves, and forcing her act like a dog. She has to do this totally nude, and has to pass every obedience lesson. Otherwise, who knows what kind of punishment she’d be in store for! She does a nice job of sitting and begging, and when her blonde dominatrix shows her how to fetch a bone, she becomes quite satisfied with the advance that she displays.

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