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Bent Over Slave Takes It Hard

All ready for whatever her master wants to dish out, this sexy slave is bent over and helpless. Master weighs her options while gently teasing her, running her hands and fingers everywhere she pleases. She then grabs a nice, thick glass dildo and shows it to her before plunging it deep inside of her. It’s such a tight fit, but she pounds it in anyway.

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Buxom Blonde Beauty Bound

Removing her bra and panties to reveal her gorgeous nude body was good enough, but seeing her bound all over her body, laying down and restrained to the floor makes her even more appealing! Check out those beautiful curves as the rope lays against her supple nude skin.

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BDSM Easter

Easter is a wonderful time of year. It is marked by an anthropomorphized rabbit that brings chocolate and pastel colored eggs to all of the little Christian boys and girls of the world. Easter also has something vaguely to do with Jesus.

Easter is basically the ultimate BDSM holiday for Christians. They get to watch (or imagine) Jesus getting whipped almost to death. Then He has to drag the cross upon which He will be tied and left to die upon up a hill, where it will be planted in the ground, and He gets tied up on it. Then He suffers for Your (oops, sorry “you” ain’t important enough to be capitalized!) sins for many steadfast hours. In the end he chickens out (it would take much longer for a human to die under such circumstances — such was the nature of Roman crucifixion) and commends his spirit back to his Dad. A couple of days later (three, supposedly — the whole Good Friday thing is badly interpreted) he lumbers around, and shows a few (hundred?) friends his nail wounds.

After thousands of years, people still are awed by “stigmata” (which, by the way, is an awesome song).


Marsha Lord & TJ Cummings


Marsha Lord, TJ Cummings

Marsha Lord is to be TJ’s bondage sex slave for the day. She enjoys being flogged and the nipple clamps, she sucks cock like a hungry whore. In tight Japanese bondage she cums hard when fucked and begs for more cock down her throat. After receiving a hot load of cum in her mouth, Marsha is tucked tightly into a trunk for the night.

In no way shape or form does TJ appear too much on this site! He, in fact, is the only reason I’ve kept my membership for so long. He’s by far the best dom on this site. He is strong, knows how to push his subs, and obviously enjoys what he is doing. He’s fantastic, and as long as he’s a regular on this site, so am I.

— TJ Fan