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A bound blonde slave is waxed on the tits and takes a whipping on her butt

This day is lucky for our strict dominatrix, as, right in front of her sits a gorgeous bandaged blonde girl, just in innocently white stockings, and this hot girl looks like ready for all. She gets truly heightened by submission and soft as a wax in hands of her Fair Lady, who wants to go behind the edge with her sexy pet. And so the agonizing lesson starts with candles, the burning wax of which falls down on a nude skin of a blindfolded slave, making her moan from sudden pain. The torment goes on with pins, attached round the lower-lips of the bimbo, which her dominatrix is going to flog in order to strengthen the emotions. And for poor slave it’s just the beginning…

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Angelina Valentine & Marcus London


Angelina Valentine, Marcus London

Master Marcus spanks and humiliates Angelina Valentine, making her pussy wet and ready for a good fuck in bondage. Bent over his knees has ass is spanked and turns a nice shade of red. She is placed on her knees and forced to suck on her Master’s cock before being bent over and brutally fucked in a tough bondage position. More hard spanking and fucked in doggy before having her face soaked in cum leave Angelina one happy bitch.

LOL! This girl possesses two main words into English : “Good” and “Yes” and the boy two matching them : “God” and “Yeah”, with a fifth one for the ‘copule’ : “fuck” . She has “la tĂȘte dans le cul” (head into ass) and he is the attentive husband of a very little scared thing into life : Devon Lee. So, when these friends of the go(o)d meet together, no wonder if they make the vulgar scene “par excellence” into porn : Chantilly cream on a scone. Thanks to Chanta, into a rectangle of shoots where stand three masterpieces, the TJ/Dia at F&B last week, the MzB./Chad at CM and the Nika/Rain at CB ones this week, here we are at last with a dead angle : the pleasure without pain, the mind looking at the world spectacle through the navel hole. It reminds me of my ch*ldhood, when my parents were rocking me in my cradle, telling me stories about princesses having enormous boobs waiting for the prince (= me!) whose dick would be able to deliver them from their sleep, if he decided to grow up to become adult.

— regisjean

Ravished holes

She could not resist any more. The terrible urge seemed to take control over her brain, making her fishnet-clad body bend over and stand on her fours, her crotch sticking in the air with all possible indecency. She did not care about morals, she needed to have her cravings fulfilled. The guy did not keep her waiting for too long and plunged into her pulsating hole doggy style, making a relieving moan leave her lips.

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Userla puts her female slave in a tiny cage for misbehaving

Gagged and Spread Wide

The slave is brought down from hanging upside down to recover, but it only lasts for a second, as her master is on top of her, jamming her pussy hard with the dildo, and putting a ball gag in her mouth. She puts clips on her nipples to punish her even further, and the master wants to see just how wide she can spread her pussy open.

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