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Completely In Control of the Slave

Lowering her slave down a bit towards the floor after having her hang upside-down, Master still plunges a red dildo into her mouth and snatch, making her taste her own juices. She uses her leverage to then slam her pussy with her rock-hard strap-on, showing her who’s boss by fucking her really hard and then making her suck it dry.

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An Asian slut takes a flogging on her bare butt and clutches on her titties

This time this asian chick will go to the verge of pain and delght, led by her iron-hearted mistress. At first this gorgeous cunt will be bandaged and gagged thoroughly to feel totally unprotected from the will of her cruel lady. Her titties are not so big, but so fond and sweet with ripe teats, high from fear and lust, as if asking for a pair of clips, squeezing them tightly. But the main worth of that sex-toy is her so ripe and soft ass, which her mistress loves most of all. No wonder that this bare treasure gets the closest attention, being whipped hard to the red.

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Cute Girl Gets Tied Up

While posing in front of the camera, this beautiful brunette teen decides that she needs some help getting all tied up. So she enlists the help of the lucky cameraman, who aids her in getting all tied up to snap more pictures. You can see the smile on his face as he straps her around her torso, showing off her beautiful curves.

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Upside-Down Humiliation

Hanging her slave upside-down, this blonde master hooks her up to her punishment contraption, swiftly sliding a dildo on a stick deep into the slave’s slick shaved snatch. Her pussy lips are even more sensitive as all the blood rushes away from her lower body to her head. What punishment will come next for her?

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