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Two Blonde Latex Wearing Dykes Partake In A Sexy S&M Fuck Fest

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These two wild lesbos start out this hot scene wearing tight latex outfits as they start getting it on in their dungeon. The dominatrix starts by taking her pet and restraining her to a pole hanging from the ceiling and then slapping her bare rump hard with her hand. She next brings out a whip and continues to punish her fanny with it, causing her cheeks to turn bright red. Next she grabs a black vibrator and shoves it in front of her mouth to lick and suck on a bit, before getting down on her knees and starting to shove it in and out of her tight vagina. For the hottest clips of wild S&M action available online, vist BDSM Giant‘s massive DVD archive of over 1200 hot scenes!

Watch Him Get His Asshole Pounded And Pissed On By Hot Trannies

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This guy gets gangbanged by 4 of the most depraved shemales ever, armed with feminine bodies, bubble jugs, curvy rumps, hard cocks and all sorts of rubber dicks and whips to flog his ass into shape. They take turns shoving their fat she-cocks deep into his mouth and virgin buttocks, giving him a extreme anal pounding that leaves his butthole stretched out. To add embarrassment to his punishment, the horny shemales piss all over his sweaty body! Discover the raunchiest shemales punishing manly assholes at Shemale Punishers.

Stunning Shemale In Red Rubber Milks Her Hard Cock

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Sexy shemale mistress Viviany has a rubber craving she can’t control, just check her out in these nasty movies and see for yourself! In her dungeon and dressed in a tight scarlet latex outfit, the sultry shemale plays with herself, turned on by the contact of the rubber fabric against her nude skin. She masturbates herself, until she is ready to cum hard all over herself. Sexy shemale babes don the latex gear and rub it for your satisfaction at TS Latex.

Butt plugged shemale slave

Shemale submissive is whipped, flogged, buttplugged and facefucked with a strapon by a mature blond mistress in high heel shoes. For the full video go to
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Female slave on a leash

The whip cut into her bare skin with violent force. She opened her mouth to scream but couldn’t: she was so happy she could barely breathe. Hidden away from the outer world , in the dungeon 40 feet below the ground, she felt emancipated from her unbearable passions and unattainable desires. Her body was being tortured, but her soul was finally free. It was supposed to be hell, yet it was turning out to be a purgatory. For the full video go to Bdsm Bang

Muscle verses muscle for a chance to fuck.

Dak Ramsey is back to improve his record against newcomer Race Cooper. It’s been a while since Dak dominated his way to his first victory but he hasn’t forgotten what it takes. Race however, with his hard body and fighting skills, won’t go down so easy (and neither will his cock.) These two lock horns as they struggle to turn the other into their bitch by the match’s end.
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Kylie Ireland

Wincing in pain, Kylie dutifully takes her whipping as her pale flesh begins to glow red. Her gag is then removed and Kylie opens wide for her Master's pole and she obediently gobbles it whole. She is then lifted mid air and suspended and Derrick takes full advantage of her vulnerability as he plugs her asshole and gives it a good dose of electricity. Hard fucking and sucking is par for the course as Kylie has all of her gaping holes filled to the brim before she obediently takes a massive load of cum to the face.

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Lux Kassidy

There's nothing more satisfying than watching lovely blonde Lux give in as we tie her with rope…Well, the only thing that would be even more satisfying is stripping her of her clothes and restraining her to a table. Once we do that, it's time for a little magic as we rig the vibe to her pussy and watch her struggle.

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A strange gloved villian grabs Natali coming out of the shower. When Natali wakes up, he laughs at her and says “you are going to have fun and enjoy this”. Natali’s thumbs and elbows, and legs and big toes are tied in a leather restraint so she can’t do much but roll around on the bed, helpless. Natali wakes again and she is tied up to a chair unable to move at all unless she wants to pull on her thumbs that are connected to her toes. Then she’s tied in a strict screwdriver position with legs back as far as they will go exposing her ass for a string of butt beads. Will Natali ever escape?

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Catherine De Sade

It started with an email from Catherine De Sade, I set the date, and when she got here it became obvious to me that her masochistic ways were going to be the treat that I've been looking for. She was willing to let me do anything that I wanted to, and I did…from a wrist suspension using her feet as weight on her crotch rope to severe pussy torture on the wooden pony and violating her ass all day. It became evident that the harder I hit her, the wetter her pussy got. Once I got this pain slut warmed up there wasn't much that I couldn't shove into her snatch, including the head of the magic wand, among other things. We popped a few cherries for her, and I'm sure this was a day she will not soon forget..

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