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Man Gets Dominated By 4 Nasty Shemales With Hard Dicks

This dude wanted to try something different and thrilling, so he got these 4 sexy shemales with curvy bodies and fat cocks to torture him. The shemales strip, bound and gag him, whipping his body and trampling him with their pumps. The shocking embarrassment is such a turn on for him, worshipping their dirty boots and swallowing their swollen she-dicks. He can’t wait for the perverted trannies to take his butt and pound him hard. Shemale Punishers presents the most intense uncensored shemale gangbang action.

Dude Gets Fucked By A Sexy Tranny Nurse In Rubber

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This man is all tied up and at the mercy of a sexy shemale nurse in a tight rubber outfit, ready to punish him with her medical tools and big cock. She climbs on top of him and sits on his face, smothering him with her round butt wrapped in rubber. She spreads her legs and jams his mouth with her swollen cock, forcing him to eat her dick . It’s not over until she takes his rectal temperature with her dick, giving him the best anal sex ever. If you are into sexy feminine shemales with big cocks, you will enjoy TS Dolls .

Slave getting whipped and spanked in dungeon

Strange ideas brooded in his head… ideas of torture, genocide and suicide would not let him be. Only when brutally pushed into submission he was able to feel peace, surrender and accept the way this world seemed to be. For the full video go to
Femdom Chamber

Bdsm action in medical office

She has heard a lot about the advantages of alternative medicine and decided to try it out. Although the doctors diagnosed her problem as being psychological rather than physical, she still asked them to proceed. The doctors didn’t mind… For the full video go to Bdsm Bang

Naked muscle stud wrestles him opponent to the ground and fucks him.

Two muscle studs are yanked off of the streets and made to fight. In this strange sci-fi world, H3 — a third-generation holographic moderator — runs the show for HIS enjoyment. There’s only one rule: the winner fucks the loser. Only when HE is satisfied may the winner receive his freedom. Muscular 6’2″ Fabrizio Mangiatti faces Rick Bauer, 6th in the 2001 International Wrestling Championship. Two worthy opponents rip off each other’s clothing and lock in combat, pitting their naked bodies against each other. In this erotic battle who will get his freedom? Can Rick use his skills to avoid muscular Fabrizio’s hard cock? Watch this epic struggle between two meaty titans and find out!

Director’s Note: This is the first shoot I did for Naked Kombat. The big boss wasn’t too thrilled about the sci-fi element so I must comply 🙂
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Phoenix Marie

Phoenix and Christian enjoy rough sex and decided it was time to pay the Dungeon another visit. Phoenix can be the feisty type and she is a little defiant as she stands restrained in the spreader bar. Christian however, doesn't take kindly to her belligerence and begins his verbal domination before he rips her top off. With her hefty tits hanging free, Phoenix gets down on her knees and dutifully sucks Christian's pole… It would then prove to be an intense day as Phoenix is bound and fucked. No holes were safe and Christian made sure to fill each and every one of them with cock. Anal, oral and intense rough sex were all on the menu as this defiant slave was put through her paces…

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Ariel X and Paige Richards

Bound and bent over the bench, Ariel's muffled moans fill the room as her Mistress enters. First, Paige plays with her slave's wet pussy and then fills it to the hilt with her strap-on. Ariel enjoys the fucking her Mistress provides and shows her appreciation by obediently licking the dildo clean. Paige then returns to Ariel's pussy and rides her to a huge orgasm.

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Veronica Rayne & Natali

Nurse Natali inserts a speculum into Veronica for a close inspection of her parts, then vibes her clit with a magic bullet. Veronica is insatiable, so Natali gets her tied up in frogtie and inserts a butt plug and clamps her labia open, and clamps her breasts with vibrating nipple clamps. Natali is now so horny she can’t keep her clothes on anymore and she gets on top of Veronica for her to eat her out, then suctions her own breasts and vibes her clit. Then she finger fucks her ass to orgasm.

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Karrlie Dawn

Karrlie's visited us before but, this was her visit to Society SM. She loves bondage in her private life and we love the fact that she enjoys it so much. After she reveals her tight body for us, she obediently stands as The Pope ties her tightly. After she is positioned to her Master's liking, our journey begins. Karrlie is subjected to a display of raw power as she is put through the wringer. In a scenario of mental and physical domination, Karrlie takes all her Master gives and is left exhausted on the dark, dungeon floor.

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Hollie Stevens

Hollie's a pain slut who loves bondage and the type of orgasms it brings. Watching her struggle in her restraints was a tantalizing treat for Big Bad who promptly got to work on her body with his whip. In her strict restraints, Hollie experienced an onslaught of domination. Her ear shattering screams led to earth shaking orgasms as Big Bad took her past unknown boundaries and left her pleading for release…