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Boot worship

He was a judge for ten years. How many times he watched the hope evaporate and human spirit break when he was pronouncing the sentence! Whether it was a right thing to do or not did not seem to matter to him anymore. The realization of how many lives he made unbearable and how much suffering he inflicted made him crave the taste of his own medicine. He wanted to be whipped, flogged, tied up and tortured. He wanted pain to paralyze his soul. For the full video go to
Femdom Chamber

Mistress and her female submissive

She hated the way modern world dictated to her the feminist ideals of liberation and equal rights. She didn’t want that: she wanted to be weak, she wanted to be a slave and have a master. Freedom, both physical and spiritual, felt like a burden to her. Freedom gave power to imagination and imagination produced dreams and desires which were impossible to fulfill. In that sense, freedom ate away at her happiness. For the full video go to Bdsm Bang

Two bodybuilders fight balls to the wall and then fuck!

Luke Riley has one victory to his credit so far and looks to defend his record against the muscular Samuel Colt this week. Since Luke won his last bout in the Water Match, he’s been in the gym everyday working on his cardio. But will it be enough to stay on top with Samuel’s Hulk-like body, eight years of military background and hand-to-hand combat experience?

Samuel was so horned up to wrestle for Naked Kombat that Mustang agreed to lend us their newest exclusive model.
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Codi Carmichael

She was soon to find herself bound to the horse, her legs tied high and spread wide. Otto, after surveying his prize, begins the descent into debauchery as he paws and gropes at his lovely slaves tender flesh. Codi's little body is put to the test as her pussy is filled with meat. Her eager mouth begs for dick and she gets what she wants on her Master's terms. She proves to be an efficient cock sucker and eagerly bobs on her Master's pole. The sex is fast and rough and culminates on the dirty Dungeon floor with Codi receiving a pussy full of cum…

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Kayla Carrera

This week Kayla Carrera makes her debut on Perfect Slave. Kayla is a tall Latina with impeccable looks and an amazing body on her. Taking advantage of her beauty, we asked Kayla to pose for us in her black outfit and she slowly revealed her wonderful body to us. Then, with her breasts exposed, Kayla was tied and fitted with a head harness and we watched intently as she struggled on the bed. Next, we bit gagged our beautiful slave and tied her arms to the iron headboard and spread her legs. After we got the vibe harnessed against her clit, we watched as Kayla had no choice but to struggle and cum as she begged for release.

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Vivian Irene Pierce & Natali

Vivian Irene Pierce (Wonder Girl) got a tip about the war plans, wandering into the old factory, she hears an Officer approach. She jumps the officer and puts her out. When the Officer (Natali), wakes, she’s tied up almost naked bent over the boxes. Wonder Girl uses several techniques to get the plans. She flogs her, tells her she could pull the fire alarm so everyone can see her naked. Its not long before the Officer gives up the plans but not without a plan of her own! Interview included.

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Angel Cummings

Young, sexy, and innocent was the first impression that I got when I met little Angel Cummings. Beaten, abused, and exhausted was the way I wanted to see her by the end of the day. She has a bratty side to her from the very beginning, and I make sure that she is reprimanded for it until she learns that I have no patience for brats. I put this newcomer in very intense positions, and put her body through hell. I introduce her to predicament bondage and suddenly she realizes that she may have bitten off more than she could chew. Next she has to endure an extreme suspension to prove her worth, and then finish up with a landslide of orgasms

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