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Tanya James

First we dress Tanya in some pink lingerie then get her down on the bed so we can take some pictures of her. Then, we get her naked so we can see her amazing body and tie her hands and ankles. After watching Tanya struggle on the mattress, we tie her legs spread-eagle and rig the vibe to her snatch. Tanya writhes on the bed as the vibe teases her clit. Her amazing tits heave and her muffled moans increase in volume as we watch her cum for us.

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Madison Scott and Natali Demore

Natali finds out that her partner in the heist, Madison Scott, has double crossed her and plans on leaving town with her cut of the money. Natali confronts her and Madison punches her in stomache and begins a fight. After several minutes, clothes start coming off, choke holds and grapevine spreads ensue and Natali gets the upper hand. Madison is tied spread eagle to the bed for breast and pussy punishment. More in Part 2.

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Courtney Page

Courtney is this cute, young, naive girl who is about to get a serious eye opener to the BDSM world. She was unaware of what the day held for her as she entered the Dungeon. It's easy to see that she does not enjoy pain or being obedient, but I find out the one way to make this little whore scream is abusing her sweet little pussy. She is the type of girl that shuts down if the pain becomes unbearable, and I wanted to hear her scream, so I plan a full assault on her pussy with the magic wand, the Sybian, and the G5. What follows is an unstoppable string of screaming orgasms that blow this newcomers mind. The day ends with Courtney completely exhausted and ready to ice her swollen pussy. She'll think twice before signing up for another bondage shoot…

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Passion Rayne

Passion is brought in by Master Liam, because she wants to be a Domme and she is trying to learn the ropes from the bottom up. Liam took her in as a slave to train her so that she may possibly graduate to a higher status in the BDSM world eventually. She is very new to the lifestyle, as well as the adult industry, and by the looks of things, she has a ways to go to reach her goal. Liam pushes her to the outer limits and keeps on pushing with no remorse. She belongs to him and he will not allow anyone studying under him to be anything they have not earned. There's a lot to learn and school is in at StrictRestraint today. After overloading her with pain and pleasure, it's evident by the end that she now knows what lies ahead of her and this is one of many lessons she needs to learn…..


An old man with a horrible grey goatee restrained a bitch and flogs her firm butt

When master enjoys what he sees on his girl slaves, that also means that the BDSM wheels are turning in his head. What sort of things can he do to her body to please his own cravings? He makes certain that she’s secured firmly, and then attaches cramps to her underarms. He yanks them off with one hard tug that makes her cry out, and him happy. But that’s only the beginning, as he ties her to a bench and spanks her ass with a paddle.

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Hot Brazilian transsexual Renata D’Avilla fucks her slave

When you’re on a beautiful boat, surrounded by islands, lush with tropical
forest, what more could you ask for? What could make this better? Captain Renata D’Avilla, that’s what. If you’re a bad seaman, you will be punished.
You will be strung up in front of the whole crew, and an example will be
set. While they are hard at work, you will be serving your Captain in more
ways than one: sucking her cock and getting fucked like a little bitch.

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3 girls in sexy lesbian BDSM.

Cherry Torn and Tia Ling make suitable companion’s as they undergo Harmony’s strict yet incredibly sexual domination. This is an exciting shoot from start to finish with lots of punishment, great bondage and anal sex!

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