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Misbehaving Sub Punished Painfully

Femdom Penis And Balls Punishment

It seems that Luke knew that things were going to be very interesting and kinky when Mistress Anna brought him down into the ruins, but he didn’t know that it was going to be so painful. The dominatrix had been very unhappy with the performance in the bedroom the past couple of weeks. It seemed that he was no longer caring about her satisfaction and now she was going to tutor
him a lesson or two. To make it even worse, he tries to hide in the ruins, but the Mistress soon finds him and now she’s even more angry. Check out these femdom photos of Luke getting punished.

She used the overgrown vines to tie his arms to the wall so that he wasn’t going anywhere. The punishment started with the whip. Mistress Anna hit him so hard that it left bright red welt marks on his back. He pleaded that he had learned his lesson, but the punishment was just beginning. Then using more vines, she painfully wrapped his nuts
and weenie tightly. Luke had never mature any sort of pain like this before. She gave him a blowjob now, but he was in so much pain he could barely feel it.

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Sexy blonde Lucy gets fucked in the ass by two guys with big dicks

This kinky submissive blonde can’t seem to get enough cock. She won’t be satisfied until her ass is sore for taking so much cock. In this scene, she gets fucked by two guys with big fat dicks. Watch her choking on the white guy’s dick while the black dude rips her ass open with his humongous meat pole.

Electric Pussy Pain

Featuring Slavegirl Emily Sharpe at The Pain Files

Brunette british painslut Emily Sharpe has slut written over her forehead, her udders securely enslaved and is placed with her pussy spread open in a chair, exposing her to the torments to come. The poor degrated painslut is tormented using vicious electric attachments to a black box.

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Her open pussy and tender tits are exposed to hardcore electro pain whilst the lovely painslave screams in torment. Sm submissive in breast bondage and severe electro pussy torments. Emily struggles through the hardcore punishments of her tender pussy and tightly tied tits.

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Shemale slut Fern going for extreme ass stretching

Feline fuck bucket Fern loves to stroke her bendy boner whilst watching her favourite porn movies in the comfort of her private shag pad. The sexy mono masturbater is caught with her panties down, literally, by none other than monkey spanking specialist Double O. Our man, a solutions strategist when it comes to lady sperm, takes control of the situation, a massive relief for foxy Fern as he takes masterly control of the cum pumping predicament!!
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Submissive blonde Stella Foliero has her ass destroyed

If you like your women to be submissive and let you do whatever the fuck you want with them, you must check out this next clip. This bitch is gagged, subdued and has her ass ripped open with a dildo and even a hand. Watch how she enjoys the feeling of having her ass destroyed by this guy’s big hard dick.

He Gets Dominated By Nasty Trannies With Hard Cocks

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This poor stud gets bound, gagged and punished by a group of beautiful shemales with feminine bodies and hard cocks in these hardcore clips! Don’t get me wrong, he loves to feel his mouth and tight asshole crammed with meaty shemale dick! The nasty trannies take turns pounding his asshole real hard and giving the man a taste of their t-girl spunk. Witness studs forced to get ass rammed by hot trannies at Shemale Punishers.

Kinky threesome bdsm sex

Two secretaries came to apply for a job at this office. The boss said he needed somebody who could follow orders. Who could REALLY follow orders, no matter how harsh they were. So he decided to test them right there in his office. For the full video go to
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Patrick Rouge and Wolf Hudson body slam, then slam cock and ass!

Stud fights against stud. Neither Wolf Hudson nor Patrick Rouge wants to lose. They each rip off tights and jocks, grab cock and balls, slap ass, and use submission holds — all for points. The loser must completely submit to the winner in the end, and the fighters do their best not to end up on the bottom. Let’s get it on!
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Mika Tan The Submissive Asian hottie gets fucked

This next video is for all those of you who get turned on by dominating your sexual partner. Check out this submissive Asian hottie, letting her guy do whatever the fuck he wants with her. He ties and gags her while he spanks her and them shoves his dick so far down her throat she can barely breathe.

Dia Zerva

We were more than excited to have Dia Zerva visit the Dungeon. With her blonde hair, blue eyes and firm body, she's quite a piece of eye candy. She loves it rough and she loves to fuck and when Christian gets her doggy style on the cube, the action begins. Dia receives the utmost attention from her Master as she is fed his massive cock. After getting a face full of dick, Dia begs for more cock and that's exactly what she gets as all her holes are filled deeply. Watching Dia obediently offer up her asshole and cunt to her Master is truly a sight to behold…

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