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Blonde dominatrix Allie Steal abusing her sex-slave

This sweet looking blonde is actually a hardcore dominatrix bitch who loves to inflict some sexy pain to her slaves. Watch how she pours hot wax on her masked male-slut, shoves a huge strap-on dick down his throat and even pounds him in the ass with it. This is no submission foreplay movie… this sis real fem-dom hardcore!

Summer Cummings & Natali

Summer Cummings first physical exam is a scary one. Horny Nurse Natali uses her profession to fulfill her desires for sexual gratification and to expel patients fear of going to the Dr. ,making an exam an orgasmic experience. Summer’s huge breasts are examined, licked, shocked, and sucked. The vaginal exam consists of clamps adorning her pussy and breasts! Insisting that Summer needs to cum 5 times a day, they both fuck a double dildo long and hard until they both are cumming! Lets just say, Summer can’t wait until her next appointment!

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Submissive guy being dominated at the office

Trinity was sick and tired of hearing this guy run his mouth about everything so she decided to teach him who’s the boss. First she gags him to keep his fucking mouth shut and the real punishment starts. She starts by scratching his back and slapping the shit out of his butt-cheeks, and finishes the job by shoving various types of dildos up his ass.

Charley Chase

When Charley walked, in our jaws dropped at the sight of her amazing body. She enjoys experimentation and sexual submission and The Pope was more than happy to oblige. Once Charley unveiled her natural body, it only took a brief moment for her to be tightly tied and head harnessed so that she could abide her Master's commands. Naked and bound, our natural breasted beauty would be tested to the limits of endurance. Her massive orgasms at the hand of her Master were amazingly powerful as Charley gave in and let go releasing multiple, fluid spouting orgasms.

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Guy gets whipped by Mika Tan

When this guy agreed to do a photo shoot with Mika Tan he never imagined what he had coming. He figured it would be awesome to do a shoot with a porn-star, but we forgot to tell him that it was a hardcore BDSM shoot. Watch the look of surprise on the guy’s face when this gorgeous bitch pulls out a whip.

Sindee Jennings

Head harnessed and chained, Sindee first meets her Master as he gropes and paws her tight little body before he breaks out his whip. Quickly her flesh reddens and she thanks Big Bad for his attention. Her first orgasm comes fast but, merely serves as a prelude to the day's events. What we then witness as the day progresses is a mind boggling display or massive, spouting, soaking orgasms as Sindee squirms her way through multiple positions of restraint and squirts so much we should have all worn raincoats…


Tough looking guy loves being punished by Mika Tan

If you saw this tough looking guy walking down the street you would never think that behind closed doors he’s someone’s bitch. Well, he’s actually a petite asian babe’s bitch. This guy loves punishment. He loves to be tied up, he loves to get whipped and he even likes to have his balls pinched with tweezers.

Two horny ladies cuff their cute slave before subjugating her to an agonizing nipple suction

This babe needs such a bad torment that it requires two gorgeous dominatrixes to do it! Or perhaps it’s because they’re so excited from imagining all the things they could do to her that they selected her for an extraordinary double teaming. They both like the way she writhes as her arms are secured above her, and then her body is tied up firmly. Her boobs are poked out from her bra and have suction attached on them to give her the constant agony she desires.

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