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Hardcore mistresses punishing the shit out of their sex slave

If you are one of those who has a secret fetish for pain and S&M this video will get your dick hard as a rock. This is the real fucking deal. These hardcore mistresses really torture their sex slaves. They whip them and crush their balls until they’re about to explode. They even hang weights from them! Vicious shit!

Horny babe is tied and fucked with dildos

There are some people who just like to feel a little pain while they’re fucking, it just turns them on, but there’s other people who really like to completely give up control and be fully subdued and punished. Watch this babe and she is completely bound while she’s having objects stuffed in her pussy.

Young bucks fight naked in the mud.

Nice guy Dean Tucker battles the sarcastic and careless James Hamilton. Dean Tucker is a sweetheart — but don’t let that fool you when he steps on to the mat. He packs a surprising arsenal of moves from his days as a college kick boxer, and there’s nothing nice about the way he unleashes them. James brings his street-fighting mentality to the Naked Kombat ring, but it only goes to show that you need more than an attitude to stay on top here. Yes – he’s the bad-ass in the Naked Kombat opening titles. A close match throughout, you won’t want to miss the final mud round in which each combatant is covered from head-to-toe, and is made to abandon their strengths in favor of anything that will keep them from being the bottom.
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Submissive Amber Michaels gets abused by her 2 mistresses

This blonde bitch with big tits got the full hardcore S&M treatment from two wild mistresses. They began by tying her up and gagging her. After the bitch was secured, they began whipping her tits and slapping her pussy without letting her move. She loved the perfect mix between pain and hardcore pleasure.

Amber Michaels in her first S&M experience

This experienced blonde bombshell had experienced quite a few things when talking about sex so she wanted something unique. She went over to this guy’s house for a hardcore S&M experience she would never forget. Watch her having her ass whipped in a cage and then being fucked while chained like a dog.

Paris Kennedy

Paris is a high priced slave and today's client expects his money's worth and then some. His demands are rather simple yet, he will not be satisfied until they are met. Paris is gagged, and her hands cuffed overhead when Nathan begins to flail at her flesh with his whip. Her nipples are clothes pinned and she exclaims in pain as her punishment continues. In her restraints she has a difficult time lifting her ass but, she complies and her fucking begins. Our client is pleased with his purchase so far and Paris will be put through the rigors until pure satisfaction is extracted…

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Two mistresses humiliating their slaves

I usually don’t believe anything I don’t see with my own eyes, but these two hardcore mistresses seem to be the real fucking deal. I mean, that’s real spit going into their slave’s mouth. The freaky guys are really choking on that huge strap-on dick, and the humiliation they’re being put through is fucking real for sure!

Dylan Ryan & Leah Wilde

Bound tightly to the chair, Leah struggles mightily as Dylan gropes her naked body. After suckling on her slave's nipples, Dylan decides to mark her turf by scrawling her name on Leah's inner thighs. With her territory claimed, Dylan gets on her knees and eats Leah's pussy and then wraps her head in gauze. Deprived of sight, Leah trembles in her seat when her Mistress brandishes the violet wand and rakes it across her flesh. After a screaming, shock therapy session which leaves little Leah dazed and confused, Dylan smashes the G5 against her slave's swollen pussy. Slobbering uncontrollably, Leah cannot resist the vibe and orgasms wildly at the hand of her Mistress

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