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Two gorgeous babes get whipped and fucked by their mistress

These two gorgeous babes with amazing bodies are the Mistress’ favorite slaves. She ties them up naked and whips their cunts and tits with a leather whip before the grand finale. She straps herself a huge rubber cock and fucks the shit out of their tight pussies until these slut scream with equal amounts of pain and joy.

Sexy brunette fucks her boyfriend with a strap-on

This sexy brunette’s boyfriend was always telling her he wanted to try new things in bed, but she was shocked when he brought a strap-on dick and asked her to fuck him in the ass with it. However, she agreed and ended up loving the sensation of being the one in control and not having her ass pounded for once.

This is a true hardcore fucking Mistress

Nina is the most sought after Mistress because she doesn’t fuck around or pretend. She is a true hardcore Mistress and not some actress in a leather outfit. If you pay her for her services you’re in for a hell of a night. Watch how she tied up this babe and punished her by whipping her pussy, vacuuming her clit, and electrocuting the shit out of her beaver.

This guys dicovered he likes for his babe to fuck him with a strap-on

When this hunky guy met Ellen, he fell in love right away. He had never met anyone like her before. By that I mean, anyone who got turned on by strapping on a big rubber cock and fucking him in the ass with a vengeance. With her, he discovered that even though he liked women, he also like to have his asshole drilled.

Another tough looking guy loves to be dominated by his woman

If you saw this guy walking down the street, with his big macho looks, his muscles and all his hardcore tattoos, the last thing you would think is that he likes his woman to fuck him in the ass with a strap-on dick. Well, looks can be deceiving. Her loves to be dominated and have his asshole drilled by his babe.

This guy likes his woman to fuck his ass

Like many couples, these two good looking folks look like a regular every day, traditional couple, and they are in many ways… except when it comes to sex. This is the are where they defy the traditional values…why? Because this loves for his woman to strap on a rubber dick and fuck him in the ass.

Mind-blowing blonde in wild S&M action

If you saw this gorgeous blonde walking down the street you wouldn’t think that in private, she’s a hardcore S&M slave. That’s right. This mind-blowing blonde bitch gets off on pain. Check out how much she enjoys having her nipples and clit pinched and being whipped in the ass. This is the real deal… no pretend stuff here.

Vendetta is back! She gets fucked & beat for her birthday

Vendetta is not only a smoking hot beauty but she is also a co-worker. Since I started working I have been eying her from around corners and having dirty thoughts about what I would do with her. Shortly after I took over I get this dream come true email from her saying she wanted to shoot with me.

Many people can only dream of getting their sexy co-workers in their clutches for sexual play but I get to do it for real. Vendetta is one tough woman & loves to be tied, tortured & fucked till she is cums again and again.

Watch as I tie, strip, tease, clip, whip & fuck this woman till she almost passes out from pain & pleasure.

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