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Ashley Renee & Natali

Ashley is caught by the Head of ER masturbating in one of the patients rooms. Natali, being the strict Doctor that adheres by all the rules, tells her she needs strict discipline. Ashley convinces her to join her. Natali decides that might be a good idea but that Ashley still needs a little punishment. She ties her down to the medical exam table and applies electro-torture, clamps, forecepts and other devices to elicit a juicy cunt. She then makes Ashley give her an orgasm with the vibrator while tied in a doggy position. Interview included.

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Skyler Blake

It took minimal effort to get Skyler into the right mind set for the shoot. She always is a bit of a smart ass and this was no exception, so I immediately remind her who's in charge. Spread eagle standing to a wrist suspension definitely got her attention. Now that the pace has been set, she's got a long day ahead of her. In the third scene I take her further than she thought her body could go and it shows with one of the most vocal orgasms we have ever gotten from Skyler. The day ends and I have exhausted her mind and body….

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