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Brooke Haven and Natali Demore

Natali’s friend, Brooke comes over to get ready for the Costume party and Natali wants them both to wear gowns with huge puffy feminine sleeves. Brooke thinks its a joke but soon Natali has her tied up and forces the dress on her and then forces her to kiss her and lick her pussy. This is a great forced lesbian video, both girls go down on each other. Brooke is then tied in a hogtie with red ball gag in her mouth, her ass is cropped. Interview and behind the scenes included.

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CeCe Stone

CeCe Stone finds herself in a sticky situation this week, being blackmailed at work for being a whore. It's apparant that she has been cheating on her husband, as she is confronted with pictures, and she has to make a decision. At first she doesn't know what to do, but when she faces the ugly truth of it she knows what she has to do to keep her secret kept quiet. She agrees to allow anything that is asked of her to happen to save her marriage. Little does she know, that it's not as easy as just fucking a stranger, but rather enduring a full day of bondage, pain, humiliation, and all of this to still be exposed to her family for being a slut!

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Rebecca Blue

Her petite body can take lots of punishment and Mason makes sure that she gets as much as she can take. He gives her a body a rest only to probe her ass and pussy, and then back to the pain. Mason gives her a nice cleansing and then turns little Rebecca into a fountain for our viewing pleasure. He finds out that size is one thing that Rebecca can take a great deal of, so he decides to push her pussy into overdrive by inserting the head of the magic wand inside of her while the G5 attacks her swollen clit. Every hole on her body is penetrated and used the way her Master wants, and she is more than happy to please him….


Horny master cuts threads into his bound slaves big tits, gropes and ties them firmly

There’s only so much punishment the human body can take, particulaly when it comes to huge natural breasts. But her master is going to take her to her limits when it comes to torture, so he’s not going to stop simply because she’s damn near crying! He starts off by running thin, strong thread across her teats and areola, pulling them tight and grasping her breasts through them. But it’s nothing when it comes to the swelling she gets from his ropes!

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