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Latex Punishment From A Sexy Asian Dom

This sexy Asian mistress has a special teach course scheduled for her horny male slave. Strapped to a heavy punishment wheel in a full latex suit the poor guy is taken through a number of kinky humiliation routines when his evil domme squats down in front of him to fondle his cock and balls. The ultimate punishment has begun and she ain’t stopping till her sadistic urges are fully satisfied.

Femdom latex video Femdom latex video Femdom latex video

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Breast Bondage

Breast Bondage And Big Tit Torments at The Pain Files. Busty painslut in confining kinbaku breast bondage and extreme tit torment. The painslut Emma is strictly enchained and punished on her big tits

Breast bondage is a restraining method commonly effectuated in a variety of sm maso and Sm plays. It differs from most ropework techniques in the sense that it isnt aimed at restricting the mobility of the bondaged painslut directly. In this case, the breast bondage techniques are combined with painful torments. Ropes are tied around the base of each breast, causing the breasts to erotically bulge outwards. The same rope is utilised for both tits making the udders stand out in beauty as well being exposed for tit torments.  See pictures and videos of intense breast bondage and pain at The Pain Files

Sub Emma has her breasts in stern confinement, leaving her big boobs bulging outwards in a restraining bondage harness. Dark british masochist Emma enjoys rough BDSM games and challenging adventures into severe pain. She has her big tits bound up with thick hemp ropes and is dominated to tears at The Pain Files.

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Fantasy shemale Mint putting her round ass to work

Once again happy as a pig in shit Double O has got some luscious ladyboy’s lips clamped securely around the end of his well travelled cock. Todays delectable dick drooler is mouthwatering Mint, a sexy sophisticated lady who often disregards the use of panties in favour of letting her tackle swing free, commando style. One flash of her under skirt pecker packet in Double O’s direction is all it takes to turn a boring waiting room into a hot fucking chamber.
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Rusty Stevens turns Ben Deep into his bitch in the domination game.

Undefeated powerhouse Rusty Stevens is out to protect his record against the trim 6’4″ newcomer Ben Deep. As usual, Rusty wasn’t worried about training for the match, he just made sure he “looks good.” Ben is hungry to challenge this cocky pretty boy and with his martial arts background he thinks he can make Rusty wish he had trained for this. In the game of domination, can stamina overpower strength? But then again, this is Rusty after all.
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Tia Ling

Tia has a special night planned for herself and her man. She hurriedly prepares for the nights events by stripping naked and tying herself to the bed post. After she has herself perfectly positioned, the phone rings and it's Derrick informing her that he will detained for the next couple hours. Frustrated and perturbed, our lovely, naked Asian thrashes in her binds but, discovers she's done quite a fine job restraining herself and she can't break free… Hours pass before Derrick finally arrives and by this time Tia is eager to be released as they further plans for the evening. Derrick however, has different ideas as he greedily eyes his naked gift… To silence Tia's protests, Derrick fits her with a ball gag and eats and fingers her pussy bringing Tia to a massive orgasm. Then, Tia's gag is removed to allow easier access to all of her holes. Bound in a variety of positions. Tia is fucked roughly and vibed to orgasm before she takes a load to the face.

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Skyler Blake

An unsuspecting religious solicitor knocks on a neighborly door and is warmly invited in. Once inside our zealot soon discovers that she is barking up to wrong tree when it comes to spreading her gospel. What started out as an innocent act of good faith, winds up in a detour to the dark side.

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