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Loren Chance & Natali

Loren’s bills are piling up and she has no money to pay them, coming up with an insurance scam; she calls her business associate, Natali, to help stage a robbery. Only Natali surprises her with exceptionally brutal bondage, a ball gag and even a vibrator. This wasn’t part of the plan but Natali is going to make sure she cashes in big time. Taking Loren’s things, and her humility, she will have the last laugh. Natali ties Loren’s elbows tight and begins tearing her clothes off and gags her with her torn panties. Then she leaves her there desperate to cum but the vibrator is turned on too low

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Jasmine Jolie

She was sent to us by her husband who caught her cheating with hopes that we would make her suffer and repent for her indiscretions. Unfortunately he wasn't satisfied the 1st time around, so I step in to make sure this little slut pays the price. Her husband isn't going to pay what he owes us, so I take it out on her with hopes that someone will pay to get this whore's freedom back. The suffering increases with each scene, along with her begging to whomever I tell her to, because I will get the payment for my services one way or another…

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Mia Lelani

Mia made her first appearance on and I thought that she may be a good candidate for one of our more intense shoots, so I booked her for StrictRestraint. Don't be fooled by her sweet and innocent look, because she has an inner desire to be someone's pain slut, and we are going to enable that desire as much as possible. The scenes build in intensity as they go on, and she is determined to allow us to take her body way beyond anything she has ever felt before. Sir Nik holds nothing back; from heavy impact to a mind fuck that almost pushes her over the edge, and everything in between, and she comes out of it happier than she was when she arrived. This is one pain slut that you will see again….


A strict mistress is ready to jeer a babe in a torture-room, she is going to bound her boobs in a vice

You can tell that her dominatrix was ready to do some pain to this busty slave, as she examines her body while she strips for her. Having large tits usually means large tit torture, but it looks like it’s what this girl wants her to do! They’re put in a vice and pressed firmly, making her nipples perk up ever so slightly. That’s ideal for some weighted teat cramps to be put on, and then her boobs are flogged harshly.

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Sexy girls in real lesbian BDSM.

Calico is incredibly sex with a hot little body and beautiful smile. Maitresse Madeline takes great pleasure in punishing and humiliating her in bondage. Calico’s gorgeous ass is spanked, flogged and thoroughly caned which leaves beautiful bright red marks. She is fucked with a big cock while suspended until she comes and then strap-on fucked with butt plug inserted. A zipper is ripped from her chest in mid orgasm. Lesbian BDSM at it’s finest!

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2 hot girls suffer though a live BDSM shoot! 3hours of torture.

Live Show Mondays brings you the 3nd part of the July live show that featured Mason, Winter Sky and special guest co-top Christina Carter.

Mason is the focus of of part 3. Bound on a fuck table in a fuck me position, Mason has both pussy and ass exposed for some hard pussy flogging and hard DP action.

First Christina shaves the pussy and ass of our little bondage slut, mustn’t have any hair getting of the way of the brutal fucking about to take place. We warm Mason up with the vibrator and dildos. We fuck her pussy and ass and vibrate her to several orgasms.

Then Christina straps on and goes ballistic on Mason’s ass. She can wield a strap on and Mason’s ass takes the full brunt of Christina’s rage. After Mason is spent out we bring her back up with some very hard pussy flogging and foot caning. From cumming, to screaming, to cumming, we leave Mason a fucking wreck and put her back in the cage, now it’s Winter’s turn…

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Casting Couch 16: Scarlett Fox Snatched Up!

The Saturday bonuses are quick, down & dirty “interviews” with woman who either want to be BDSM porn stars, porn stars who have never worked with us before, never been tied up or are new to the lifestyle.

Scarlett did her Casting Couch shoot one day & then 3 days later, she appeared as a guest at the Live “Upper Floor” Cocktail party. During the live show she became an instant hit with the chatting members, so… I thought I would show you her first experience on camera.

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