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Violet Marcell

Nervously glancing around the room, Violet is tied tightly as her mouth is wrapped. Her vulnerable body assumes the position as The Pope brandishes his whip and gives Violet her first taste of painful pleasure. TENS pads are applied to her inner thighs and Violet's flesh dances. Her exposed pussy becomes The Pope's next target as he buries the magic wand against her clit and Violet grinds down on the vibe until she cums. This would serve as only a sample however, as curious Violet has the doors to a new, dark world unlock and open wide before her very eyes…

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Krissy Kage

This week I saw that Krissy Kage was coming back, so Ogre and I flipped a coin to see who would get her…I won. Krissy is a lifestyle sub, so I knew that I would be able to be a lot rougher with her. This is our second time working together, so I knew what buttons to push to get what I wanted from her. Tough body, sensitive pussy, and her fear of electrical play, made for a great shoot….and don't worry, there is plenty of tit torture…


Two chicks are severely abused by a lady in leather

It’s bad enough to have one slave take the torture of a lifetime from her mistress, but it’s even more embarrassing to share that moment with another slave in the room as she watches you get tortured. And even though that’s cruel, the other one has to be thinking that she’s next! They were both bound, and then one was fastened to the bench so she could suffer through a spanking with a huge leather paddle that makes a wide area beat red.

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Sindee Jennings, super squirter, fucked with huge dildos in bondage.

Sindee Jennings makes her debut on with Delilah Strong as domme. This hot little sex fiend does whatever is asked of her. First, Delilah humiliates her with the physical labor of moving heavy rubble while naked. Then she must worship Delilah’s body before getting fucked with huge strapon dildos! Sindee is also hyper orgasmic and squirts a massive amount of fluid multiple times.

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2 girls tortued in live BDSM event.

Live Show Mondays brings you part 2 of the June live show that featured Lorelei Lee, Jade Indica and special guest co-top Sexy Jade.

Both girls are now stripped, tightly bound with leather straps, and manhandled around the room. With elbows touching, the girls are totally helpless.

Then we add a zipper to each girl, both are connected to the same zipper, and we play the old game of “wishbone” with them. Pull them apart and see who has the most clothespins still attached. Both girls scream in agony as we pull them apart it. Jade that has the most left on her, so we rip them off also.

Then it’s Lorelei’s turn for a beautiful breath play scene. We take her to the edge as her powerful orgasm rips though her body just as the bag over her body is almost out of air. One of the most intense consensual scenes you can not afford to miss.

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Hot Bella double teamed and made to slurp her own squirt

Bella is one of those woman who is such a dirty slut that the more the merrier when it comes to sex. so when a good friend of mine named Graydancer dropped by the Armory & I thought it would be fun to “show him how we do it here”. Bella was game & so here is the outcome.

Made to squirt herself, she is made to lick it up from the rotting wood base she was bound to, this woman begs to be defiled and abused. We do all we can to make her happy…..

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Beautiful Brunette Cuffed And Whipped By Her Master

This brunette looks really hot in her special fetish lingerie, but the master does not let her sexual charms distract him from delivering a painful torture. This kinky stud shows no mercy cuffing the kitten to his new domination device and whipping her boobs as she rubs her slit against a metal pipe, and as if it was not enough he moves his slave to a black and red torment horse and adds some bare-butt lashing to make her suffer even more.

BDSM torture video BDSM torment video

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Masochist Chaos in Outdoor SADO

Masochist Chaos in Outdoor SADO at The Pain Files

a249.jpg a257.jpg

Naked in Heavy Rain and Punished to Tears
Tied and Whipped out in the fields

All of Sub Chaos in Outdoor BDSM at The Pain Files

Jungle cutie Joan gets sucked and screwed outdoors

Wild shemale hottie Joan adores open air pleasures, so when she suddenly meets Bear, she can?t resist losing her clothes and tasting his stiffy cock. Bear wonders if he is hallucinating, but a cute firm ass bouncing up and down his shaft is the best evidence of his kinky dreams coming true
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Young studs fight for real naked plus full sex!

TJ Young has martial arts experience and a polite demeanor. Too bad he’s matched up with brute brawler Dak Ramsey! TJ is looking forward to a good match and is used to the controlled sparring ring of a martial arts studio. Dak is used to bar fights where it’s all about doing whatever it takes before getting caught. But what will happen when both fighters’ believe their strengths to be on the ground? The prevalence of slams, holds, chokes, submissions, and hard cocks in this fight make it one to definitely not miss.
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