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World famous Mistress Princess Donna, bound abused made to CUM!

Princess Donna for years has been torturing naked girls with the sybian. The most powerful vibrator in the world. This device will rip orgasm after orgasm out of your body, if you can stand to stay on it long enough.

When you are bound, and helplessly impaled on it with absolutely no hope to get free, you are truly in trouble.

So lets all watch our Princess, scream in pain/pleasure as orgasm after orgasm is torn from her noble body. After a few minutes she is coming harder then the most dirtiest of whores, and nothing on the planet, not even Donna herself, can stop the next sweet painful orgasm, or the next, or the next…

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FEAR makes of pain makes Lorelei orgasm over & over

FEAR is a powerful aphrodisiac for Lorelei as she is bound & tormented. FEAR is what makes her cum over & over again as she is barely able to control her emotions & screams. FEAR is what got my dick hard as she is flipped, shocked & inverted and made to cum over & over again.

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Unmerciful Master And Busty Captive

This glamorous big-breasted babe didn’t like the way her master spanked her pretty butt and fingered her pussy, but getting him mad was really a bad idea. Next thing she knew she woke up blindfolded and tied to an arm-chair guessing what kind of an utterly depraved punishment could follow next. The master came back on top of his BDSM cruelty and made the poor babe moan of painful pleasure clamping her cookie lips with metal forceps and teasing her nipples, but not allowing her to cum.

BDSM video

BDSM video

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The Needles

The Needles

The sharp biting needles was a huge challenge to overcome for masochist Gina.

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Life of slavery

She endured needles through her pussy lips, clitoris hood and directly into her tender nipples.

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Naughty shemale Nina getting a blinding face blast

Pocket size boner babe Nina has misplaced Double O’s porno mags at a crucial time, just as he fancies treating himself to a five fingered shuffle. No problem, young Nina offers to replace our man’s dog eared stained periodicals with her soft little hands, pouting lips, tantilising tongue and cum hungry cock hole. Inexperienced as she is, Nina is still able to arouse our man to a volcanic state, the resulting explosion almost blinding the poor girl!
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Muscled gladiators fight and fuck in front of a live audience.

Naked Kombat presents its first ever shoot in front of a live audience! The fighters for these lucky guests are no strangers to the sport. Patrick Rouge and Tyler Saint have both dealt their fair share of domination on the mat. Patrick has one win and one loss to his credit but has proved himself as not only a formidable opponent but one hell of a bottom as well. Tyler is without a victory so far but only because of a mess of cheap shots dealt to his opponent Nick Moretti in a match otherwise filled with Tyler on top. This hard slamming match has public humiliation at stake and these fighters go balls out to avoid being on the wrong end of it.
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Cherry Torn

Cherry's natural body is on the menu for Otto today and he's bursting at the seams to have a taste. Confined to the Sybian, lovely Cherry sits at attention as she is groped and Otto engages the machine between her legs. As the Sybian pulses between Cherry's thighs, her gag is removed and her face is filled with dick. As Cherry sucks on her Master's cock deeply and gasps for air, the sensations between her legs become overwhelming as her pussy sops. Her next duty is to ride Otto's cock and she performs well. This is only a primer for the day events as Cherry's Dungeon session begins to unfold…

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Mason Moore

We eagerly anticipated lovely Mason's debut to the site and she surely did not disappoint. Dressed in her tight, blue latex dress, we could hardly take our eyes off of her. Her body is incredible and once we got her in the headgear we demanded she display it in all it's glory. Her perfect ass and awesome tits came into plain view as we opened her dress and bound her tightly. Once we had her totally nude, we draped her over the wooden arch and pressed a vibrator to her smoothly shaven cunt. Then, we reveled in the spectacle as we watched this hot dame cum for us…

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Gianna Michaels and Natali Demore

After seeing an ad for a medical study, Natali decides to sign up. She had been hoping to be cured of her orgasm problems. Gianna’s methods are very different. She ties her up, spreads her pussy wide with clamps, gags her and notices that gets her excited. She uses a butterfly vibrator to get her close, and calculates her orgasm quotient. Then nipple clamps are applied and pulled on to see the response to pain and the building excitement. Then Natali is tied in a hogtie with her arms tied bend over a pole for more vibrator tests.

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Dia Zerva

Dia's a gorgeous blonde with big, blue eyes and an amazing body. She loves bondage in her personal life and we were thrilled to have her… Dragged into the room by her Master, Dia is bound tightly and tied off rendering her immobile. The groping begins as The Pope samples her supple flesh and buries his fingers in her cunt and ass. With her first orgasm out of the way, Dia's day has just begun. With her holes filled with treasures from The Pope's chest, Dia experiences a multitude of emotions and sensations as she is bound, clipped and clamped. Put through her paces and far beyond, Dia proved to be an excellent slave and one that we cannot wait to have back again.

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