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Hot Italian girl bound with a dildo in her ass.

Jade Indica is back. This Italian babe is smoking hot and so beautiful. Her tan, smooth, shaved body begs for abuse.

Legs back, ass up, the perfect fuck me position- Jade is very familiar with this set up. This girl has been fucking for some time, so it’s time we fuck back.

Foot caning and pussy flogging, nipple clamps and mind fucking, these are just a few of the things Jade suffers though. With a perfect ass like that we feel the need to impale it. So we stuff it with a dildo and lock it in place. With the box closed Jade has just been reduced to two holes. That is all she is to us: two holes- two holes we abuse and make cum, over and over.

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Calico: Sex Addict! Can she be cured? Why would we want that?

With this weeks update we do a little role play. Calico comes back to Hogtied as a sex addict who has checked herself into the “clinic” to cure herself of her sex addition. It seems she needs to suck cock, get her ass filled & get herself off any way she can.

Sequestered in the Padded Cell, the Doctor and his orderly put her through some serious “negative reinforcement” orgasms to see if we could drain her to the point of never wanting another one. You will just have to see what happens!

If you ever had that fantasy of being taken advantage of by your doctor or nurse when in the hospital, this is the update for you!

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2 Female Slaves In Kinky BDSM Vids

Two naked submissive chicks and a cold-blooded leather-loving mature master make a consummate combination in these explicit BDSM videos from Nina Hartley’s Private Sessions. One of the ladies is cuffed behind the torment bed watching her dude captive as she gets restrained, blindfolded and teased with a lash moaning of painful pleasure every time the master touches her body. Another kinky domination routine includes her staying on her fours with a large python crawling all over her body. Poor hottie!

BDSM Nina Hartley BDSM Nina Hartley BDSM Nina Hartley

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Nosehooked and Pussy Tormented

Painslut Tigerr Benson at The Pain Files

Asian bdsm painslave Tigerr Benson in degrading nosehook humiliation in the dungeon. The eastern beauty is bound to a chair and has her nose painfully pulled backwards.

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The asiatic submissive Tigerr Benson has her legs spread wide to expose her open pussy. She has to endure severe pussy pain torments with hotwax dripped directly onto her sensitive parts and filling up the area round her clitoris. The exotic Tigerr screams in torment with every drip of the candle.

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 Tigerr Benson suffers the hardcore pussy punishments whilst trying to keep from moving her head, as the nose bondage pulls painfully with every movement. Her body gets entirely covered in burning hotwax and the vicious drips fills up her pussy.

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Two ripped studs fight and fuck hard!

Two ripped studs toss each other around this week. Skinhead Drake Jaden has wrestling and martial arts experience along with the confidence to back it up. He’s in great shape and can’t wait for the sex round to make his rival squeal. His opponent Dominic Pacifico has no fighting background but is eager to show off the moves he’s been working on at the gym. It’s an evenly weighted match and with both fighters itching to put their big cocks to work. It’s one definitely worth strapping in for.
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Pepper Foxxx

Pepper's a spicy Latina who loves to fuck but, she's new to bondage. TJ found his new slave's body pleasing and was even happier when she was bound and spread before him. As sexy Pepper writhed in her confines, her Master had his way by eating her pussy and fucking her tight hole. Finding herself at the whim of her Master, Pepper could only submit as she was vibed, prodded and fucked until she received a mouthful of cum.

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AnnaBelle Lee & Austin Reines

AnnaBelle stands bent with her hands bound behind her back as Mistress Austin flogs her pale white ass. After her slave's ass is a glowing red, Austin grabs the magic wand and presses it against Annabelle's pussy. Teetering on the edge of orgasm, AnnaBelle's cunt is then stuffed with Austin's strap-on. As she takes a hard fucking, Annabelle whimpers from behind her gag before she is left alone in the room by her cruel Mistress.

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Katarina Kat

With her dexterity in mind, The Pope concocted a devilish plan that would employ her awesome dexterity… Naked and tied to the pole in an impossible split position, Katarina gets her first taste as The Pope employs his leather whip to soften her flesh. After a nice finger fucking which leaves her pussy sopping wet, Katarina feels the pulse of the vibe against her swollen clit and experiences her first tremendous orgasm. From there it only gets better as Katarina's limber body is placed in insane positions which invites a whole new realm of extreme possibilities…

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Skyler Blake

Skyler needed a little something different, and she thought she was getting off easy. Little did she know that Mason is one of the most twisted people I know. He starts her off with some simple training and because of her lack of enthusiasm, he gives her plenty of reasons why she should have acted properly in the beginning. In a surprise appearance from Ogre, Skyler is pushed to her breaking point and then Mason comes in to finish her off…


A lovely slave asks her mistress not to squeeze her bared nipples with these clothes pins

She can beg for mercy all she wants, but it’s just going to make things worse for her! After all, she is secured to an upright bench, and her entire body is completely exposed to her “caring” dominatrix. The more she fusses, the more things she comes up with to punish her. When she sees that she’s especially sensitive around her boobs, she takes clothespins to her nipples to make her scream. Look at how afraid she is now that her boobs are decorated!

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